About KWOC:

Kharagpur Winter of Code is a 5-week long online program for students who are new to open source software development. The program not only helps students to get involved in open source, but also prepares them for many open source summer programs; Google Summer of Code being one of them.


Aditya Bisoi.

A collection of solutions for HackerRank data structures and algorithm problems in Python, JAVA, and CPP.

I gave solution to the algorithm problems in CPP. I made total 14 PRs out of which 12 are closed PRs and 2 PRs were rejected due to not adhering to contributing guidelines. I mainly contributed to greedy algorithm problem.

My Closed PRs & Contributions:

The first five problem/contribution I made in the project , I made two PRs for each problem i.e. one for the solution and other for updating readme respectively. After that , I made one single PR for each problem.

  1. Minimum Absolute Difference in an array — This was my first contribution to the project. Solution — https://github.com/adityabisoi/ds-algo-solutions/pull/155 . Updating readme — https://github.com/adityabisoi/ds-algo-solutions/pull/185 .

2. Mini-Max Sum - Solution — https://github.com/adityabisoi/ds-algo-solutions/pull/214 . Updating Readme — https://github.com/adityabisoi/ds-algo-solutions/pull/221 .

3. Luck Balance — Solution- https://github.com/adityabisoi/ds-algo-solutions/pull/260 . Updating readme- https://github.com/adityabisoi/ds-algo-solutions/pull/261 .

4. Birthday Cake Candles — Solution -https://github.com/adityabisoi/ds-algo-solutions/pull/281. Updating readme -https://github.com/adityabisoi/ds-algo-solutions/pull/282.

5. Library Fine — Solution -https://github.com/adityabisoi/ds-algo-solutions/pull/380 . Updating readme -https://github.com/adityabisoi/ds-algo-solutions/pull/381.

6. Priyanka and Toys — I made single PR for both solution and readme. https://github.com/adityabisoi/ds-algo-solutions/pull/406 .

7. Mark and Toys — PR link: https://github.com/adityabisoi/ds-algo-solutions/pull/447 .

This was my first time in contributing to open source. I was able to learn how to contribute to open source, learn about git and github, communicating with fellow mentee and the mentor. KWOC was a great learning experience for me and I was able to implement my data structure and algorithm knowledge and improve myself. Thank you to KOSS,IIT KGP and my mentor for this oppurtunity.

Computer Science Student